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Far Shipping, was incorporated in Singapore on 27th August, 2002.
The company was firmly established to harness the combined in-house potential and resources of Vessel Ownership/ Management & Feeder
Operations into a dynamic new Independent ‘ISC’ Common Carrier.

At that point of time, having realized that the phenomenal economic
growth of emerging Mainland China, and the sleeping economic
potential of India, could double-drive global demand for greater
utilization of all available tonnages and much more…


It became apparent that the fundamental safeguards any new Common
Carrier would need to possess to succeed long-term, would be for it to
own adequate vessels and suitable tonnages, which could adequately
cushion it against the vagaries and fluctuations of future buoyant
Charter Markets… which would thereby enable us to continue to offer
all our Valued Customers attractive and competitive rates and more
importantly: Regular and Reliable Feeder Services, which Far
Shipping has executed reliably over the past many Years… which we
will continue to offer quality feeder services to all our Valued


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